Short Scar FaceLift

Procedure (Board Certified)

Short Scar FaceLift -  Cosmetic Surgical Procedures NYThe vertical short incision face lift corrects aging of the cheeks, jowls, and neck and is more limited and less invasive than a full face lift. The short incision starts at the hairline in the temple region, extends down in front of and inside the ear, and may extend onto the back of the ear. Because the short scar face lift does not create a scar along the hairline behind the ear, a patient can wear her hair up or back (hence the nickname of ponytail face lift). The advantages of this lift include a short scar and incisions that do not alter the position of the hairline, reduced swelling, a quicker recovery time, and a lower risk of complications in most patients. This lift can be used for most patients requiring a face lift procedure and can be combined with liposuction of neck and jowl area, as well as with direct tightening of the neck.

Ideal Candidates

  • Professionals and persons who desire a shorter recovery period
  • Patients with mild to moderate facial skin laxity who require treatment of cheeks, jowls, and neck
  • Patients who are in good health
  • Patients with realistic expectations
  • Patients who are doing the procedure for the right reasons (i.e. for themselves)
  • Patients who want to wear their hair back without a visible scar

Risks & Complications

The vertical short incision face lift may have fewer complications than a full face lift. Risks and complications may include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, scarring, damage to deeper structures, asymmetry, nerve injury, improper healing, numbness, allergic reactions, and risks and complications associated with anesthesia. Although complications can occur, they are rare.

Risks and potential complications of surgery are best discussed at the time of your consultation.

Smokers have a greater risk of skin loss, pulmonary, and wound healing complications.

It is extremely important with this procedure to avoid aspirin and aspirin-containing medications two weeks prior to surgery. It is also mandatory to avoid situations that will raise the blood pressure post surgery.


Vertical Short Incision Face Lift  -  Cosmetic Surgical Procedures NYBecause the vertical short incision face lift is less extensive than a full face lift, recovery time usually is reduced. For the first day, we leave a small drain in the incision and cover it with a bandage. The bandage remains in place for 48 hours. We may prescribe medication to relieve any mild discomfort and pain that you experience during that time. Post-operative swelling can last for up to a few weeks; bruising usually fades within one or two weeks. Most patients can resume normal activities and return to work within one to three weeks.

In/Out Patient

The vertical short incision face lift can be done in our office and the patient is sent home the same day.

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