Hand Rejuvenation

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If you are bothered by hands that look old, with discolored spots, wrinkles, and loss of fat under the skin surface, talk to us about how a combination of laser or light treatments and possible fat injections can restore a more youthful appearance to your hands.

Is Hand Rejuvenation Right For You?

  • You notice brown spots and discolorations on your hands
  • Your hands have sun damage
  • Your hands have very noticeable veins and lack the correct feeling of texture and fullness

Hand Rejuvenation Preparation

Dr. Farella recommends avoiding tanning in the sun or sun booth for two months prior to phototherapy because tanning stimulates the skin’s pigment system and makes discoloration more likely. Self-tanners also should be avoided as they turn the skin into a target for the light beam.

Discomfort during Intense Pulse Light is minimal and can feel like the snap of a rubber band. Fat transfer requires local anesthetic, with Intravenous Sedation.

Hand Rejuvenation Process

Dr. Farella applies laser or light therapy to the hand surface using a specialized hand-piece. IPL beams reduce brown melanin spots with little effect on surrounding tissues. You will be asked to wear an eye mask during treatment.

hand2During the fat transfer procedure, Dr. Farella injects a local anesthetic into the donor and treatment sites. He then carefully withdraws fat from the donor site to prevent damage to the fat cells. Fat is carefully processed and then injected into the hand surface, drop by drop, using a large needle. Injections require skill and finesse to deposit drops of fat using a scaffolding technique to ensure a smooth and even appearance.

Hand Rejuvenation Results

Treatment with Intense Pulse Light for age spots results in significant improvement after two or more treatments. Treatments are spaced three weeks apart. The results of fat transfer can be long-lasting, depending on patient age, treatment area, genetics, and the amount of transferred fat that gets reabsorbed. Repeat treatments may be necessary for optimal results.

Risks and Complications

With any procedures, risks and complications related to IPL, fat injections, and fat transfer can occur but generally are rare. IPL may not be appropriate for people with darker or tan skin and treatment by inexperienced practitioners may result in burns, changes in skin color, or possible scarring.

Hand Rejuvenation Recovery
You can return to work and normal activities immediately after Intense Pulse Light treatment. After fat transfer, the donor and treatment sites are likely to be swollen, bruised, and red for several days.



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