Body Procedures

At Plastic Surgery Westchester, we specialize in providing cutting-edge body procedures. We offer a range of body contouring procedures tailored to your unique goals. Our dedicated and experienced team will guide you through this personal journey. From consultation to recovery, we strive to align our expertise with your aspirations, ensuring comfort and confidence at every step.


Body procedures offer numerous aesthetic benefits, instilling newfound confidence and satisfaction. Whether sculpting a toned abdomen, refining contours, or rejuvenating post-pregnancy changes, these interventions empower individuals to embrace their desired image.


Tummy Tuck – Focuses on reshaping the abdominal region, addressing excess skin and weakened muscles to achieve a toned and firm abdomen.

Liposuction – Utilizes a versatile technique for localized fat reduction, sculpting and refining specific body areas to create a harmonious and sculpted physique.

Mommy Makeover – Tailored for mothers addressing multiple body concerns, encompassing procedures to restore and rejuvenate post-pregnancy changes.

Buttocks Enhancement – Explores options such as implants or fat grafting for those desiring enhanced buttock contours.

Female Genitalia Surgery – Focuses on aesthetic or functional improvements, with sensitive discussions aimed at enhancing comfort and confidence.

Skin Cancer Removal – Addresses health concerns while considering aesthetic outcomes, specifically designed for patients diagnosed with skin cancer.

Mole Removal – Provides a cosmetic solution for individuals with unwanted or suspicious moles, ensuring safe and effective removal after addressing patient concerns.

Scar Revision – Dedicated to minimizing the visibility of scars, evaluating scar characteristics, and discussing potential improvements for individuals with noticeable or bothersome scars.


Understanding the ideal candidates for surgical procedures is crucial for achieving optimal results. A personalized approach ensures that expectations align with achievable outcomes, fostering a positive experience for the patient.


The consultation, a pivotal step, fosters open communication between the patient and the surgeon. At Plastic Surgery Westchester, Dr. Farella will listen to your expectations and personalize treatment plans to address individual concerns and goals.


Preparing for body procedures involves both physical and mental readiness. Patients are guided through pre-operative steps, including lifestyle adjustments, medications, and necessary arrangements, ensuring a smooth surgical experience.


Understanding the recovery process is essential for a successful outcome. Post-operative care, follow-up appointments, and adherence to guidelines contribute to a seamless recovery, allowing patients to enjoy the long-term benefits of their chosen body contouring procedures.


How long does the recovery process typically take?

Recovery times vary but generally range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the procedure.

Are body procedures safe?

Body surgical procedures are generally safe when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. We will discuss the risks and potential complications to ensure informed decision-making during the consultation

Will there be visible scars after surgery?

While scarring is inevitable, surgeons employ techniques to minimize visibility. We will provide scar care instructions to promote optimal healing.


For more information about body procedures, visit Plastic Surgery Westchester. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. John F. Farella!