Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction

This spring I noticed two suspicious sun spots on my forehead.
I went to see Dr. Farella. He performed two biopsies and submitted them to the labs for testing. The results came back positive for Basel Cell Skin Cancer. What impressed me most about Dr. Farella was his ability to immediately diagnose my problem,which other physicians had missed.He was able to perform my procedure in his own surgical facility the day after he made the diagnosis. In addition to performing my surgery he also treated sun damaged areas on my face at his own laser center. I am business owner who meets with people every day. My concern was that I would have a permanent scar on my face, that would be noticeable. After 6 months I am healing nicely,and my scar is hardly perceivable.
Dr. Farella is a skilled professional and I highly recommend him.

Gerry from White Plains, New York

Abdominoplasty & Gynecomastia

Dear Dr. Farella,
The results were excellent. Dr. Farella gave me a new life, as a confident college student.

Michael from Pelham, N.Y.

Your skills and comprehension is evident in your work. Thank you for being so much more than merely
“My Doctor”. I appreciate everything that you do.

Rome from N.Y.

Dr. Farella : was a Godsend. What a joy to meet such a passionate surgeon with a very warm bedside manner and such amazing results. He is a perfectionist! He truly wants you to be happy and gives you exactly what you ask for. I recently went to his office for liposuction of my stomach. I had the infamous “baby pouch” after two pregnancies. Being a woman who has always been fit, this made me very depressed. He immediately made me feel hopeful and look forward to my future. I loved the results! He and his staff are there from beginning to end. Very informative answering all of your questions not only in person but by phone and email whenever you need them. Dr. Farella makes all of your worries go away. I was also impressed by the professionalism and pristine environment of the surgery center. The entire staff is very kind and knowledgeable. It’s obvious that they have a great respect for Dr. Farrela and his flawless work. The office is beautiful and the staff is so caring. They are all your team from the start including his anesthesiologist who put a very anxious woman at ease. The other procedures Dr. Farella has done for me are, eyelid surgery, Botox, fillers, and laser resurfacing I highly recommend Dr. Ferella It has been a truly life changing experience!

Patricia from Scarsdale, New York.

I would highly recommend Dr. Farella as a plastic surgeon to anyone I know. Approximately ten years ago, I had a breast augmentation surgery done with him. Prior to having the surgery, I did my own extensive research on many different plastic surgeons. I went on a couple of consultations to different surgeons before choosing the best for myself. After meeting Dr. Farella in our initial appointment I was extremely impressed. He was extremely knowledgeable, and had a very caring, compassionate genuine side to him. He listens to all of my complaints of my breasts and the issues I was experiencing because of my dissatisfaction with how I felt physically. He was very reassuring pertaining to my needs and situation and went the extra mile to answer all my questions and concerns. After that meeting, I had complete trust that he was the best surgeon I could have ever possibly chosen for myself to do such an intimate surgery. My surgery went wonderful with no complications, and my results were astonishing. My breasts came out better than I could have ever imagined. Even ten years later I feel so much more confident and extremely pleased with my results. Dr. Farella understood my needs and what results I wanted to obtain and shined through with giving me exactly what I had wanted, and I believe the best results I could have ever gotten. My issues with my self-confidence and body complaints were changed dramatically and I can now say that the surgery has changed my life so positively. I am an extremely confident woman now whom accomplished amazing, beautiful results through my surgery with Dr. Farella. I suggest that anyone whom is considering plastic surgery should set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Farella and see for themselves the amazing, compassionate, knowledgeable skilled surgeon he is. His work is a true master piece and anyone thinking of surgery should see him themselves to understand the depth of his passion for his work. His staff is also remarkable and allow for a great experience. I can confidently say that Dr. Farella is the best surgeon I’ve ever met in New York State, and I’ve met quite a few. So please take my advice, from someone who was once in your shoes, and trust and see the best, Dr. Farella.Sincerely, A very pleased patient


I had always been self conscious of my nose growing up, but never gave rhinoplasty much thought. It seemed like a far-fetched procedure for someone young and busy like me, considering I was only home for very short periods of time throughout the year. Not to mention the thought of putting my appearance in the hands of someone else was frightening. However, if there were one surgeon I trusted more than anyone, it would be Dr. Farella. Both my mother and I have gone to him for many years for smaller procedures such as laser hair removal, chemical peels, so on, and have always gotten great results. Not only does he take his time with his work, but he also takes his time listening to what I have to say, which is a quality a lot of doctors seem to lack in their hectic days. When I was finally ready to do something about my nose, I knew Dr. Farella was the surgeon i’d go to. He listened to everything I had to say, gave me all the information I needed to know, and promised me he’d do a great job. Well he did more than a great job. I had a smooth surgery, easy, short recovery, and could already see the results in the first few days. I had the procedure done over winter break and only told two of my closest friends. One of my biggest concerns going into the surgery was making sure that my nose was different, but not so different that it was obvious I had gotten surgery. It has been a year since my surgery and I can honestly say that not one person has ever made a comment about my nose looking different, but almost everyone has told me-You look great! What have you changed? I smile and just tell them I bought new makeup! My nose turned out better than I could have ever imagined.It looks natural and fits perfectly with all my other facial features…it truly is a work of art! I have more confidence than I’ve ever had, and could not thank him enough for what he has done. He has really changed my life!

Tammy from New Milford, Connecticut

Many from today’s generation realize that a youthful appearance is of great concern. However, healthcare techniques are not always successfull and high-priced doctor procedures often lead to disappointment.

In valuable contrast, Dr. John Farella offers real direction along with cost-effective methods. Recommending Dr. Farella is easy because the results of my procedure are exactly as I hoped both age-appropriate and very natural. In addition his caring guidance, cost-conscious approach, and knowledgeable staff necessitate attainable future upkeep, as well.

Thank you Dr. Farella! You’re an honest and true help for everyone living today’s competitive lifestyle finally, a doctor who listens…

Appreciatively ageless,

Rose Ann from Shrub Oak, NY

Dear Dr. Farella,

I want to thank you for all of your generosity in fixing what no other doctor would touch and not just caring about the outcome but reaching perfection. Making me more beautiful and restoring the things that once meant so much more to me than you can imagine. After a life of misery I have a new start and feel like a new bride and want the body and face to match. You are a special man given such talent and a beautiful heart. You are truly one of God’s artists. I look forward to everything you create in me.

Michelle from Bayside, N.Y.