The Hydra facial

The definition of the facial is a treatment that is performed to condition or beautify the face. Many conventional facials involve lotions, masks, extractions and massage. So what is the Hydrafacial? The Hydrafacial is a revolutionary procedure that is performed by the use of anesthetic technology that focuses on skin health. As we age we seem to lose the ability to hold moisture in our skin. As a result of loss of hydration of the face, the skin loses its luster and there are texture changes, resulting in an aged appearance. In addition blocked pores change the overall color and tone of the face. The Hydrafacial using patented technology exfoliates dead cells, extracts sebum from the pores of our skin, and at the same time hydrates tissues.

Hydrafacial treatments can be used on all skin types with no down time. After a Hydrafacial the patient can attend a black tie affair that evening. We call this our red carpet treatment. In addition to exfoliation extraction and hydration the Hydrafacial includes glycolic, salicylic and glucosamine infusions. The procedure takes approximately 20 and it is painless.
Dr. Farella recommends six treatments one treatment each week and continued treatments every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain a refreshed hydrated appearance. This non-surgical treatment improves fine lines, hyperpigmentation, oily/ acne prone skin, and can be used on patients that have Rosacea or sensitive skin. The treatment can be performed with LED light therapy, which is thought to reduce inflammatory pathways as well as improve the signs of tissue breakdown. The procedures are standardized and reproducible to give consistent results. The hydrating and exfoliating results are seen immediately and can last up to 5 to 7 days. With regular treatments and individualized home skin care products your skin will look amazing.

The information above should not be used as medical advice or as a substitute for a consultation. It is intended to help you prepare for your skin care consultation by a qualified physician.