Deep Chemical Peels


Deep Peel (Phenol/Baker’s Peel)

Is a deep peel right for you? If you have fair skin with deep wrinkles or discoloration and pre-cancerous lesions from sun damage, talk to us about how a deep phenol or Baker’s peel can remove wrinkles and discolored areas permanently.

Best Uses

Deep wrinkles
Sun damage and discoloration in fair skin
Pre-cancerous growths
Deep acne scars


The deep chemical skin peel, also called a phenol or Baker’s peel, uses strong carbolic acid (phenol) to remove several layers of skin, including layers that produce pigment. It is used only for fair skinned persons who have deep wrinkles or severe sun damage. Even thought Dr. Farella uses phenol peels for deep wrinkles or severely sun-damaged skin, uses are limited in his practice now that plasma technology is available.

About the Procedure (Board Certified)

A full-face deep peel using a phenol solution takes 1 to 2 hours to perform, while treatment of smaller areas can take less than 30 minutes. Dr. Farella covers the treated skin with a thick antibacterial ointment that remains in place for one or two days.


Effects of a phenol chemical peel develop during the recovery period of two to three months. Results usually are dramatic and long-lasting.

Anesthesia and Pain

A deep peel requires local anesthetic as well as intravenous sedation. Prescription medications are needed post-treatment.


Deep peels can cause moderate to severe swelling, along with oozing and crusting. Once the crust flakes off, new, bright pink skin emerges. This skin will be extremely sensitive and must be protected from the sun with strong sunblock. Normal activities and work can be resumed after one to two weeks, depending on how quickly the skin heals. The pink color fades over several months, leaving healthy, rejuvenated skin. Cover-up makeup may be used to camouflage pink color until skin color improves.

Risks and Complications

With any procedure, risks and complications can occur but generally are rare. Complications of the phenol peel include scarring, infection, and changes in skin color. Because of the potential of hypopigmentation, the procedure is recommended only for light-skinned individuals. A phenol peel cannot be used in dark skinned individuals or on the neck. Deep chemical peels may have cardiac effects and should be performed only by a by trained physician. You will receive instructions on contacting our staff if you have concerns or questions after your treatment.

Information on this page is not a substitute for medical consultation or advice. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss the best treatments for you.