Fillers / Botox


Is Botox Cosmetic or Botox right for you? If you have stubborn lines on the upper portion of your face — between your eyebrows, across your forehead, or around your eyes — talk to us about what Botox injections can do to give your face a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

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Underarm Sweating

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Fat Injections

Are fat injections and fat transfer right for you? If you have deep wrinkles on your upper or lower face, sunken cheeks, or lips that are thin or thinning with age….Learn More


Is Juvéderm™ right for you? If you have moderate to deep lines and creases talk to us about what Juvéderm™ soft tissue filler can do to smooth out your skin and give you a more relaxed and youthful appearance. Learn More


Is Restylane® right for you? If you have deep wrinkles or folds from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth or creases at the sides of your mouth, talk to us about what Restylane® or Perlane® can….Learn More


Sculptra is not a true facial filler. It is a synthetic biocompatible collagen stimulator. It is made from poly-L- lactic acid which is formulated as a particulate suspension. Polly- L- lactic acid has been used for many years in the manufacturing of surgical suture material. Learn More

Voluma XC

Voluma Juvederm XC is a hyaluronic acid that is used for soft tissue augmentation in the face. It is FDA approved to restore age-related volume changes in the cheeks. No wonder it is called voluma. Voluma is available to US physicians as of the fall of 2013. It has been available in Europe since 2005 and has been used worldwide….Learn More

The Liquid Facelift

So how can we reverse some of these changes? What can be done? There are a variety of procedures that can be used to make your face look more youthful. These procedures can….Learn More

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The Cost of Fillers / Botox

Fillers/Botox cost varies greatly depending on a variety of criteria. Price is dependent on factors like the number of injections required and the number of wrinkles being treated. Please contact our office for more information

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Dr. Farella is a highly skilled and experienced facial aesthetic expert who specializes in fillers/botox injections. Contact Dr. Farella today to schedule a consultation for your fillers/botox treatment. Our offices are conveniently located to serve patients in Westchester, White Plains, Bronx, Mt. Kisco, and Riverdale.

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