Jennifer Fond and Dr. Farella have seen quick results in treating common benign pigmentation and sun damage using IPL/AFT (Intense Pulsed Light/Advanced Fluorescent Technology).

The IPL/AFT is an advanced medical device that uses light to target sun damage, benign pigmented lesions and unwanted brown spots.

The Harmony laser created by Alma Technologies is FDA approved to remove unwanted pigmentation on the face and body.

With the Alma Harmony is capable of treating many skin tones/ Skin types 1 through 4 (Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale) safely. Most IPL devices are made for lighter skin types only (1 to 2).

The treatment is comfortable for the patient with little down time.

3 to 6 treatments are typically recommended for removing unwanted benign pigmentation and sun damage.
Let Jennifer Fond help you look and feel better!

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