Farella M.D. Skincare Solutions

Farella M.D. Skincare Solutions

(Skincare Products)

Skin health starts out with patient education. Healthy skin is necessary for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Farella offers his own skincare line which was developed for his practice, Farella M.D. skincare solutions. These products are formulated to protect against free radicals with the use of antioxidants, hydrate the skin, protect from environmental pollutants and ultra violet rays of the sun. Farella M.D. skincare solutions are a medical grade skin care line. At the time of your skincare evaluation a home skin care regimen will be customized for you.


Chamomile Cleaner A facial cleanser that is used for sensitive skin and rosacea it reduces redness, fine lines and maintains surface hydration. Recommended for sensitive skin and rosacea.

Lavender Creamy Cleanser A facial cleanser used to rehydrate normal to dry skin. Recommended for dry dehydrated skin.

Salicylic Cleanser Contains 2% salicylic acid it is highly effective in removing sebum, makeup and debris. It is used for acne prone and oily skin but can be used for normal skin types. It is one of our most popular cleansers.

5% BP Face and Body Wash This cleanser dramatically decreases moderate to severe acne and balances oil production. Healing and soothing botanicals burdock and fennel extract combined with 5% benzyl peroxidase is formulated to decrease excessive oils unclog pores and treat acne while soothing the skin.

Enzymatic Scrub

Papaya Mint Face and Body Polish A daily enzyme scrub for face and body exfoliation. This enzyme scrub is loaded with anti-oxidant green tea extract and Papaya enzymes to dissolve skin cell debris, leaving skin feeling vibrant and smooth. Exfoliating jojoba beans gently polish away dull uneven skin and encourage new, healthy skin cells to emerge. Regular use of this product also helps clear acne and impurities from skin.

Thermal Body Scrub This body scrub incorporates micro crystals to exfoliate dead skin, removes sebum from your pores, while providing a comfortable thermal treatment to muscles and joints.

Rejuvenating Cream

C-Stem is an exceptional rejuvenating Vitamin C serum that contains lilac stem cells. C- stem combats signs of visible skin aging, diminishes the appearance of parentheses creases and brightens skin tone. The formula re-activates 14 genes that are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and helps to reduce the accelerated aging protein progerin. C- Stem is a seven solutions serum 1. Lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles, 2. Shields from environmental toxins, and free radicals 3. Lessens progerin, the aging protein 4. Plumps skin appearance with hyaluronic boost 5. Lessens blackheads breakouts and improves pore appearance 6. Brightens skin and evens skin tone 7. Helps to calm redness and rosacea.

Nutra Fill used to plump and smooth aging skin. This bio- engineered topical filler mimics the natural moisturizing factor of young skin. It is four times more effective than hyaluronic acid in plumping skin. It contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals which allows it to retain 4000 times its weight in water for younger skin. It is a great preventative approach to keep skin supple and smooth

Vita Soothe heals, hydrates, and retextures problematical or aging skin. This serum is a treatment for dry mature skin while simultaneously treating breakouts, inflammation, and enlarged pores. Its unique combination of antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin F are added to a hydrating lipid solution of ceramides and sphingolipids that occur naturally in our skin. This allows the treatment of two common complexion problems in one solution.
*Vita soothe the Nutra Fill are commonly used in combination to treat dehydrated mature skin.

Ultra Benefits this emollient repairs and prevents damage while restoring a youthful glow. Ultra Benefits is a medical grade photo protective moisturizer to prevent mature aging from exposure to oxygen and nitrogen free radicals it contains ABF complexes an intense blend of super strength antioxidant, brightening, and facial ingredients so skin appears firm, even, and vibrant within seven days.

AHA Marine Moisture Cream An intense hydrating cream that improves problematic skin. An incredible combination of 15% Glycolic acid and 5% Algae peptides a powerful collagen booster. Clinical studies show at four weeks there is a 60% improvement in skin texture and a 40% decrease in fine lines and 29% firmer skin. This cream is appropriate for all skin types except for sensitive skin and rosacea.

Green Tea Antioxidant Serum A calming and clearing serum. This bioengineered formulation lessens the appearance of breakouts helps soothes the most sensitive skin and lessons redness. It hydrates and improves unwanted signs of photo aging. It is recommended for acne prone skin and rosacea.

Eye Lid Rejuvenating Gel

Ultra Benefit Eye Gel This gel is an antioxidant and rejuvenator. It protects against the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. It awakens the appearance of the tired eye. Lessens the appearance of dark circles. It hydrates and soothes the skin of the lid. This rejuvenator tightens eye contour and skin. With continued use this formulation will help firm lid appearance and lessen the appearance of crow’s feet and upper eye puffiness and circles.

Lip Plumper

Ultra Full Lip makes lips firm and smooth after one use. It increases lip volume, increases lip smoothness, increases lip color and decreases fine lines on and around the lip.


Daily Replenishing SPF 30+ Sunscreen this is a chemical free formulation used to protect skin from sun damage while repairing past damage. This block is waterproof and made with 7.5% transparent zinc oxide and 2.4% titanium dioxide, MMPI peptides and beta carotene is added to this formulation to provide full spectrum UVA / UVB protection as well as rejuvenating the skin’s overall appearance. It absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a matte airbrushed glow.


02 Hydrating Lift Mask this hydrating mask instantly energizes and firms lackluster sagging and aging skin. This topical oxygen therapy treatment instantly awakens and hydrates skin, restoring a youthful glow. The 02 lift masks increases cellular oxygen consumption and makes skin look and feel dramatically refreshed and revitalized.

Pumpkin Clarifying Mask this mask is recommended for acne prone and problematic skin. Pumpkin enzyme exfoliates and clears pores and surface debris as well as dead skin buildup. It is exceptionally effective to clear breakouts and minimize the appearance of pores.

Specialty Products

Wri-lax this topical neuropeptide is an anti- wrinkle serum that decreases the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines ,lip lines and neck bands. Clinical studies show up to a 50% reduction in the appearance of fine lines. This anti- wrinkle serum incorporates multiple antioxidants and neuropeptides and is used in conjunction with Botox and other cosmetic injections to enhance your appearance .

Topical Retin-A .025%, .05%, and .1% can be added to your skincare Regiment to optimize your treatment plan.

Bleach-Eze a combination of Retin-A, steroid, and hydroquinone can be added to your skincare Regiment to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.