Enter Motherhood with a New and Improved Body

Published on August 7, 2018 by

One of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life is giving life to a child. As great as motherhood is, however, it comes with a few caveats. Pregnancy can alter a woman’s entire body structure. There’s weight gain, hormonal changes, stretching of the breasts, and stretched-out abdominal skin.

If you’re unhappy with how your post-pregnancy body looks, a mommy makeover is exactly what you need. This plastic-surgery procedure is a combination of cosmetic treatments designed to correct the breasts and improve the contours of the body. The surgery is customized to fit the needs of each individual patient.

Contact our office to learn more about the mommy makeover from Dr. John Farella. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, he can help you achieve the aesthetically pleasing body you desire after giving birth.