Ear Pinning Westchester

Ears and the way in which they appear can have a strong effect on a person’s self – esteem. When children have prominent ears they often are subject to teasing at school. Adults also suffer from this problem and feel the negative effects on their confidence. Ear pinning can be the solution to help self-confidence soar.

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Otoplasty with Dr. Farella:

Dr. Farella brings his many years of experience and pinpoint accuracy to help you regain your confidence with a beautiful work to restore normal ear shape. Through an incision made on the back of the ear, surgical techniques, such as, cartilage removal and reshaping can be performed to restore normal ear shape. Otoplasty is commonly done on children once the ear is fully developed (ages 4-6). However, it is also performed on adults.


Following the Otoplasty procedure, our licensed registered nurse will bring you to our private recovery room. The ears are usually bandaged for several days, after dressing is removed. A headband is used for two months while you sleep. The initial dressing change is done by the doctor. This procedure can be done on one or both ears, as needed.



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