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The gluteal reshaping and augmentation can be beneficial to individuals for a number of reasons. Often, people aren’t happy with the shape or size of their buttocks. They may not realize there is a great solution for providing the aesthetic results they are looking for. Reshaping can help create a more natural look for your buttocks with rounding and/or better fullness. One of the highest and most popular points is the ability to increase self-confidence dramatically.

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Buttocks Reshaping with Dr. Farella

The buttocks reshaping and augmentation is a process which requires a highly experienced plastic surgeon in order to handle fat transfers, inclusion of implants, and more. In regards to gluteal implants which can have a high complication rate, is a procedure few surgeons perform. Dr. Farella is able to utilize his deep knowledge of plastic surgery and artistic work to contour the buttocks resulting a natural look creating an increase in self confidence for the patient.

ButtocksreshapingButtocks Reshaping and Augmentation Process
Buttocks reshaping, sometimes called buttocks augmentation, gluteoplasty, or Brazilian butt lift, involves lifting the buttocks or enlarging the buttocks with implants or fat injections.
Autologous fat transfer uses the patient’s own body fat to make the buttocks larger. The procedure is limited by the amount of fat that can be transferred from other parts of the body and by the amount of fat that survives the transfer procedure.

Breast Augmentation Procedure (Board Certified)

Buttocks implants are solid silicone implants placed under the gluteal muscles. They may be the only option for patients who do not have enough body fat to use for augmentation. Gluteal implants tend to have high complication rate. At the time of this writing, few surgeons perform this procedure.

Liposuction is used to contour the hips, outer thigh, and lower back to give the buttocks better shape. It also can reduce the size of buttocks. A plastic surgeon may be able to create an infragluteal buttocks crease or to use surgical excision to lift the buttocks or improve backs of thighs in a way that enhances the appearance of the buttocks. The patient must understand that surgical excision does leave permanent scars.



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